MPLUSPLUS held a special workshop and produced a graduation dance performance for NSM Nagoya school of music&dance vocational college as a new academia-industry collaboration.

NSM Nagoya school of music&dance vocational college wants students to experience the fusion of the latest direction with technology and dance, and MPLUSPLUS also wants to hype the entertainment industry that has been stagnant because of covid-19. Therefore, having those thoughts, this academia-industry collaboration has been realized. CEO Minoru Fujimoto gave a class as a special lecturer. And then, by providing MPLUSPLUS original LED products, such as LED VISION FLAG and LED mask, choreography, and music, MPLUSPLUS supported the graduation performance. Also, M++Dancers, that is a performance unit belonging to MPLUSPLUS, gave the part of the choreography for the graduation performance.

MPLUSPLUS is going to proactively collaborate with other academic institutions, and develop the products, the expression, and human resources that involved in live entertainment.


今回のコラボレーションは、テクノロジーを駆使した最先端の演出とダンスパフォーマンスの融合を生徒に体験させたいというNSM名古屋スクールオブミュージック&ダンス専門学校の熱い想いと、コロナ禍で影響を受けたエンターテインメント業界を盛り上げていきたいというエムプラスプラスの考えから、実現しました。弊社CEOでもある藤本実が特別講師として授業を実施し、卒業公演のパフォーマンスではLED VISION FLAGやLEDマスクなどのオリジナルプロダクトを活用した演出や楽曲提供を行い、学生パフォーマー達のダンスパフォーマンスに華を添えました。また、エムプラスプラス所属のパフォーマンスユニットでもあるM++Dancersが一部振付を行っています。


Produced by mplusplus Co., Ltd.
Director: SHIRASU
Choreographer: Tossi.(m++Dancers), NATSUKA(m++Dancers)
Music : SunaoSystem
Motion Graphics : Toshiki Yoshiike, Tatsuhiko Suzuki, Yuta Togame
Lighting Effects Designer : Ryo Izu., Keisuke Ono, Kentaro Ueda
Hardware Design : Yutaka Yanagisawa

Software Design : Toshiki Yoshiike, Ryo Izu., Keisuke Ono
Editor : Tatsuhiko Suzuki
Coordinator : Makiko Nakata
Production Maneger : Hinano Hasegawa
Technical Staff : Nana Fumiki, Ryo Terada, Aya Kato, SUZUMI, Shuto Murai