At the Pontocho Kaburenjo Theater in Kyoto, the entertainment show “ZIPANGU,” which blends traditional arts with cutting-edge technology, was brought to life by MPLUSPLUS in collaboration with Shochiku Co., Ltd. A collaboration with the OSK Nippon Kagekidan featured a vertical 6.8-meter and horizontal 2.6-meter fabric LED display showcasing images of cherry blossoms and rain. The performance also integrated flame visuals alongside traditional LED VISION FLAGS, presenting a modern take on historical narratives.
In a collaboration with the traditional Iwami Kagura performance ‘Manrai,’ a large serpent made from traditional Japanese paper was adorned with approximately 4,800 LEDs. These were wirelessly synchronized to create a dynamic lighting display, blending traditional dance with modern technology to create a unique and unprecedented performance.


OSK日本歌劇団とのコラボレーションによる演目では、LED VISION DRONEに用いられた縦6.8メートル、横2.6メートルの布状LEDディスプレイによって桜や雨を表現、またLED VISION FLAGとともに炎の映像を出すなど、歴史物語を新しい形で演出しました。