Awich|Queendom -THE UNION-

On November 5, 2023, at the K Arena Yokohama, during Awich’s first solo arena concert “Queendom -THE UNION-“, a performance titled “SUPER GILA GILA with JP THE WAVY, YZERR” took place. For this event, LED costumes and LED masks were provided, enhancing the show with spectacular LED effects.

2023年11月5日(日)、Kアリーナ横浜で行われた、Awich初のアリーナワンマンライブ「Queendom -THE UNION-」での”SUPER GILA GILA with JP THE WAVY, YZERR ”にて、LED costume,LED MASKの技術提供・LED演出を行いました。