We create original stage experience with original products and technology for all STAGES such as Artist Lives, Exhibitions, Sports leagues, International Festivals in all over the world.

Company Name mplusplus Co., Ltd.
Established August, 2013
Management CEO Minoru Fujimoto
CFO Makiko Nakata
CTO Yutaka Yanagisawa
Capital 5million yen
Address Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan (Closed Information)
Fields of Business Stage Direction, Hardware Development, Software Development, Interactive Design, Choreograph, Costume Design
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“Innovating entertainment conventions with technology”



mplusplus is a crew of stage technologists who is here to innovate the common sense of entertainment. The etymology of our company name comes from the letter “m” of make – the starting point of all craftsmanship, together with the programing increment symbol “++” which means “innovation”, much like our desire to aim higher from here on out. Take a look at our company logo. The left side resembles the circuit symbol of electrical resistance, while the right side resembles the circuit symbol of direct current. The meaning behind our logo represents our thought and intentions of “Resisting present-day culture and surpassing common sense”, as well as “Constantly innovating culture”. We – mplusplus – will revamp any space into a stage of entertainment and continue to create new excitement with the power of technology.


社名 mplusplus株式会社 (エム プラス プラス株式会社)
設立年月日 2013年8月
役員 代表取締役社長兼CEO 藤本実
取締役CFO 中田眞城子
CTO 柳沢豊
資本金 5,000,000 円
本社所在地 東京都品川区
事業内容 – 情報機器の企画開発、設計、製造、販売及びレンタル業務
– 空間デザインの企画、設計、製作、施工及びその監理並びにコンサルティング業務
– イベント、興行、講演会のプロデュース並びにそれらのコンサルティング業務
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