Robotic Choreographer

Robotic Choreographer is the world’s first performance-specific robotic arm project.This was born from the concept of creating performers who are bigger and faster than humans.

It has features such as a total length of about 3 meters, infinite rotation in 2 axes, and an upper arm that can rotate up to 5 times per second.In addition to performance with high-speed and delicate movement, it can also be used as a dynamic illumination by attaching LEDs, and for production by attaching lasers and cameras.This is Battery-powered so you can install anywhere.

We also developed motion creation software. Our software edits robot motions along the timeline like video and music production software and simulates them in real-time. It is possible to check the safety of the robot’s motion before applying it to the actual robot by confirming the collision and the above-limit speed.

A Co-operator in robot mechanism development is
MUSCLE Corporation.

Robotic Choreographerは、世界初のパフォーマンス専用ロボットアームプロジェクト



ロボットの機構開発 : マッスル株式会社