An updated version of the previously announced LED UMBRELLA, this product utilizes 3056 LEDs to create display-like effects on the entire surface of the umbrella.
LED VISION UMBRELLA can emit light at the entire surface of the umbrella and can also be used to project texts and human shadows through wireless synchronization.
Taking advantage of the characteristics of the all-plastic umbrella “+TIC (Plastic)”of Caetla Corporation, the umbrella can be opened, closed and rotated at high speed even with LEDs and control devices attached.
This product was showcased for the first time in the semi-finals of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Season 17.

以前発表したLED UMBRELLAのアップデート版として、3056個のLEDを活⽤し傘全⾯をディスプレイのように演出可能なプロダクト。
株式会社サエラ(本社:東京都港区、代表取締役:⼭本 健)のオールプラスチック傘「+TIC(プラスチック)」の特性を活かし、LEDや制御デバイスを取り付けた状態でも傘の開閉や⾼速回転が可能です。
NBC放送のAmericas’s Got Talent(アメリカズ・ゴット・タレント)シーズン17、セミファイナルにて世界初披露されました。



Number of LEDs 3,056
Diameter 1,000mm
Weight 1.9kg(includes all umbrella, led, device, battery, etc.)