LED MASK is a mask-type LED product that has a battery and a control device behind the neck, easily putting on and taking off. This product has two resolution types: the high-resolution and low-resolution. The display size of the high-resolution type is width 150mm and height 120mm, using 1,280 LEDs. The display size of law-resolution type is width 150mm and height 100mm, using 384 LEDs. Both types use high-intensity LEDs which enable you to realize the effective live production by using images of logos or letters. You can also see it from a distance.We can develop and rent this product for events on your request.

バッテリーと制御デバイスがマスクの後頭部側に内蔵され着脱が簡単なLEDマスク。高解像度バージョンと低解像度バージョンの2種類作成。高解像度は幅15cm x 高さ12cmの面積のマスク部に1,280個のLEDを使用。低解像度は幅15cm x 高さ10cmに384個のLEDを使用。どちらも高輝度LEDを使用しているため遠くからでも視認しやすく、イベントなどでロゴや文字の映像を表示すると効果的な演出が可能です。イベント向けのパフォーマンスの開発やレンタルを行っています。



High-resolution Type LED Panel size : w150mm x h120mm, LEDs: 1,280 LEDs, LED pitch : 266led/m
Low-resolution Type LED Panel size : w150mm x h100mm, LEDs: 384 LEDs, LED pitch : 160led/m