MPLUSPLUS Original Costume ver.2 “Shining Force”

Shining Force is MPLUSPLUS’s original LED costume consisting of 3,173 LEDs. We designed this costume based on our LED placement guidelines which are devised through analyzing the position of broken LEDs and problems that occurred during dance performances. The placement of LEDs on this costume is durable by large movements of the wearer and provides ease of performance and maintenance.

This guideline is the research by MPLUSPLUS and Kobe University, and this thesis “Design Guidelines on LED Costumes for Dance Performances” is here.


<論文:Design Guidelines on LED Costumes for Dance Performances>
エムプラスプラスと神戸大学が研究したLEDコスチュームのデザインガイドラインについての論文がこちらで公開されています 。



LED total 3,173LEDs