“WAVING LED RIBBON” is a next-generation sports entertainment item that enables organic rippling LED light to draw lines in the air. Throwing the LEDs into the air and rotating them without breaking it was considered difficult from the perspective of durability and operability. However, in addition to the unique hardware and software that enables wireless synchronization of multiple devices, the development of a unique mechanism that allows the connection part to rotate infinitely has made possible the fantastic performance even making it look like computer graphics. We plan to expand the range of use in various stage productions including sporting and music events.


“WAVING LED RIBBON”は、有機的に波打つLEDの光が、空中に軌跡を描くことができる次世代のスポーツエンターテインメントアイテムです。LEDを空中へ投げる動作や、破損せずに回転させるパフォーマンスは耐久面・操作面から困難とされていましたが、複数デバイスの無線同期が可能な独自ハードウェア・ソフトウェアに加え、接続部分が無限回転する独自機構の開発により、一見CG加工のような幻想的なパフォーマンスを可能にしました。今後、スポーツイベントや音楽イベントなど様々な舞台演出で活用の幅を広げていく予定です。



Weight 248g (including all sticks, ribbons, LEDs, control devices, batteries, etc.)
Stick length 50cm
Ribbon length 450cm (only 400cm for the LED tape part)
LED total 120LEDs,
LED pitch: 30led/m
Battery about 15 minutes
Waterproof No