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We at m plus plus Co., Ltd. are committed to helping artists to realize what they want to express on stages, live performances or spatial designs, and developing and manufacturing products in pursuit of stability and durability. When applying new technologies that went well on the prototype in the research phase to the actual stage or spatial design, it is extremely important to maintain the reliability as much as possible. Headed by Minoru Fujimoto who has worked as a researcher as well as a performer, all our staff members specialized in hardware design and programming aim at designing and producing new technologies superbly blended in with performances rather than just contenting with demonstrating them.

社名 Company Name

mplusplus株式会社 (エム プラス プラス株式会社)

m plus plus Co., Ltd.

設立年月日 Founded


August 2013

役員 CEO & CFO

代表取締役社長兼CEO 藤本実 - www.dr-popeye.com

CEO Minoru Fujimoto - www.dr-popeye.com

取締役CFO 中田眞城子

CFO Makiko Nakata

CTO 柳沢豊

CTO Yutaka Yanagisawa

資本金 Capital

5,000,000 円

5 million yen

本社所在地 Location


Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

事業内容 Description of Business

- 情報機器の企画開発、設計、製造、販売及びレンタル業務

- Planning and development, designing, manufacturing, sales and rental of information equipments

- 空間デザインの企画、設計、製作、施工及びその監理並びにコンサルティング業務

- Planning, designing, production, construction of spatial designs, and their management and consulting work

- イベント、興行、講演会のプロデュース並びにそれらのコンサルティング業務

- Production of events, performances and lecture meetings, and their consulting work

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